“You shouldn’t have to surrender your dignity when you check into a residential psychiatric program. At Bridges to Recovery, I was treated with utmost respect by every staff member.”

— Bridges to Recovery Alumna

Dependent Personality Disorder

The fear of being alone, feelings of incompetence, and extreme helplessness that define Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) require thoughtful professional intervention to provide sustainable relief from suffering. Bridges to Recovery offers an immersive mental health treatment program that strives to create meaningful change in the lives of people who suffer from DPD. By designing flexible, responsive, and personalized treatment plans, we help you construct the framework for lasting personal growth while replacing disordered thinking and behaviors with healthy alternatives, enhancing your independence and self-sufficiency. We employ an effective mix of individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and holistic therapies to identify and break down the obstacles to your healing. Through intensive treatment, you can gain a newfound sense of confidence, emotional stability, and decisiveness to help you live an independent, fulfilling life.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have concerning our treatment program, therapies, and facilities. At Bridges to Recovery, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to help you or your loved one suffering from a mental health disorder with compassion and dignity.

“You shouldn’t have to surrender your dignity when you check into a residential psychiatric program. At Bridges to Recovery, I was treated with utmost respect by every staff member.”

— Bridges to Recovery Alumna

Toward Insight, Independence, and Self-Sufficiency

Dependent Personality Disorder is one of the most prevalent personality disorders, emerging in early adulthood and deeply impacting the formation of interpersonal relationships. People with DPD have exceptionally low self-esteem, marked helplessness, intense fear of abandonment, and rely on other people for both their sense of self and everyday function to an extreme degree. You may not believe you have the inner resources to function without others, and even insignificant decisions cannot be made without the input of those around you. Your dependence runs so deep that you may tolerate mistreatment and remain in abusive relationships rather than risk emotional confrontation, loss of approval, or being alone.

Symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder include:

  • An inability to make decisions without consulting with others
  • Constantly seeking reassurance
  • Avoiding disagreements and conflict due to fear of abandonment
  • Deep feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-sufficiency
  • Overwhelming anxiety about the prospect of relationships ending, and devastation when they do
  • Low self-confidence and lack of self-trust

Bridges to Recovery offers an oasis where you can start your healing journey guided by compassionate clinicians in comfortable surroundings. Residential care presents a natural pause in your dependent relationships, and is an ideal opportunity to break the destructive patterns of thought and behavior that keep you from healthy functioning. Our psychiatrists and therapists have the expertise and experience necessary to provide effective interventions and help you manage the symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder. They are also acutely aware of the special challenges DPD presents to treatment, and work diligently to prevent the formation of dependence within the client-therapist relationship. Through the therapeutic process, you can awaken inner resources you did not know you had and gain insights that fortify your sense of self. By exploring the roots of your psychological distress and discovering new, productive ways of coping, you develop the techniques and awareness to make independent choices, trust your abilities, and gain a more accurate understanding of yourself and your social relationships. It is our goal that you leave Bridges to Recovery with renewed sense of possibility, confidence, self-determination, autonomy, and joy.

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